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A Letter from
Monte Wyatt & Brad Sugars

Welcome to AddingZEROS where you'll learn how you can achieve exponential growth through adding disciplines to your business.

You know that developing your business is more than just coming up with leads and selling to them. You know that growing your business requires more planning, organizing and executing than anyone thinks. You know that creating extraordinary business success can seem like magic and you also know that it's the result of behind-the-scenes hard work, focus and constant improvement.

You're here because you have an abundance mindset. You realize that you need to think big in order to grow. You're here because you're also aware that success means more than money: it means building a business that allows people to live their purpose and develop a winning strategy that will allow your business to outlast the competition and even you yourself. You're here because you want the tools to create sustainability, predictability, stability, consistency and emotional connection.

We've created the systems, processes and methods you will find here using my extensive experience in coaching executives to change their culture and build their business, by instilling the 5 Disciplines of Exponential Growth that you will discover. Each of the disciplines works with the other to create change, drive growth and satisfy every constituent in your organization; the company, the customer, the team member, stakeholder, and the community.

That's the point of the 5 Disciplines. As long as you're satisfying your 5 constituent groups by adding zeros to the 5 Disciplines, it doesn't matter if you're a $500,000, or $5 million, or $500 million company with thousands of employees. You can grow.

Adding zeros to the various disciplines means improving things that can be measured. Once you start measuring something, you unconsciously try to improve it because you're watching it. You'll see your progress as you add zeros to the various things you measure.

You'll find here a series of videos in which we take you through each of these disciplines. You'll take part in exercises that will lead to you creating action plans for continuing change in your organization. Most of all, you'll see how you can achieve exponential growth by becoming profitable and by doing good your business can become an engine of change and enable purpose in everyone's life.

Course Content

Overview of the 5 Disciplines of Exponential Growth

Overview of Five Constituents

The Discipline of Strategy





The Discipline of Business Development



Customer Service

The Discipline of People


Talent Development


The Discipline of Execution



Financial Controls

The Discipline of Mission

Core Values


Giving Back

Tying It All Together 5 Disciplines